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Presentation - Medication Safety in Small Volume Parenteral Shortage

Posted 11 months ago by Dana Hampton

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On January 24th,  we held our first 2018 general meeting and celebrated IV Nurse Day. Thank you to our dinner and presentation sponsors, Progressive Medical.  Lisa Vallino, RN, BSN shared IV House Pop Sockets with all.  Anna Cunningham, PharmD kept the audience engaged with her relevant presentation. For the new year, it is my goal is to share educational programs on our web page.  I am excited to share with you Anna's biography and her presentation on Medication Safety in Small Volume Parenteral Shortage.  I hope you find some pearls you all can use in your own practice.  Meeting minutes will be posted this week.  We are soliciting your feedback for upcoming meetings and in search of potential sponsors and speakers.  Be on the lookout for an upcoming survey monkey requesting your input.  Next GM will be held in March TBA. Thanks for your support ~ Dana H.


Dana Runde 8 months ago

Thank you for posting Dana H. !!
It was an awesome presentation given by a great speaker who thoroughly supported nurses !!
Excited to have access to the presentation !!

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